I have been working as a computer science teacher in vocational high school for 12 years. I am also a Ph.D. student in the Educational Administration program at Hacettepe University. My 12-year career contains many achievements and memorable moments. I have been chosen twice as the teacher of the year in my country. Late last year I was honored by Microsoft Turkey as “Wonder Creator Teacher”. I have repeatedly represented the country in international organizations and won important prizes. When I look at what has been behind all of these achievements, I see my students. These prizes were thanks to their dedicated work.

In the near future, many professions are being talked about being replaced by robots. However, teaching is not a profession that can be done by robots. Teaching is a self sacrificing profession. Teachers have a great responsibility for a sustainable future and a livable world. Because the material of the teacher is human, and these people will be the people who will rule the world in the future.  My goal is when doing my job, I want to conduct projects with many students and help them discover their talents by experiencing and living. The high school years are the most important years for teenagers to start planning their future. In these years, they start developing their personalities and they are expected to choose a profession. However, most students are not able to choose the profession they want to pursue and might end up doing a job they didn’t want for the rest of their life. This is my main focus as a teacher. I try to find out what my students interests are and I want to encourage them to discover their talents.